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Norse Sports Medals

Sons of Norway recognizes the importance of healthful activities, not just to prolong your life, but to improve the very quality of your life, no matter how young or old.  Medals are offered at Bronze, Silver, Gold and finally Enamel levels! Work for just 1 or all 16!

Gang-Merke: this is the walking medal. Participants are given mileage requirements based on their age. Walk the necessary mileage and you've earned the medal!

SykkelMerke: this is the cycling medal. Participants are again give mileage requirements based on their age. Ride the required miles (either on a stationary bike or outdoors on a trail) and earn this medal!

SkiMerke: this is the Cross-country skiing medal. Age and ability designate the number of kilometers needed to earn this medal. Speed is also considered in the Gold and Enamel levels of this medal.

IdrettsMerke: this medal allows you to choose the sports you enjoy and earn points for each of them. Choose from the following sports and start accumulating points!: Softball, Baseball, Roller Skating, Backpacking, Aerobic Exercise, Golf, Rope Jumping, Touch Football, Bowling, Horseshoes, Soccer, Basketball, Field Hockey, Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Rowing, Handbell, Racquetball, Tennis, Dancing, Volleyball, Bandy, Ice Hockey, or Community Race!

After becoming a member, you can begin earning the above medals. Specifice requirements will be given to you when you join.